Trapped in a haunted room by his great-uncle, the adventurous Titus
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Azada is an adventure game full of puzzles of different kinds. The game has an intriguing story, it tells that Titus was imprisoned by his great uncle and he must solve the puzzles to break that spell. As you progress, more of the story is revealed.

The game is a combination of hidden object with puzzle games, which is certainly very attractive and enjoyable. The puzzles vary greatly from one another, and you need to use the items you collect to open doors, drawers, or reveal clues that will help you win the level. You will encounter jigsaw puzzles, sliding puzzles, logic games, Simon-like games, matching games, concentration games, to name but a few. I really enjoy this variety, however certain players may prefer a more classic game.

Each level is a chapter in the story, and you can replay it as many times as you want with a slight difference. As for the graphics, they are very realistic and beautiful, and the music contributes to the mystical atmosphere. Novice players may find it challenging and sometimes get stuck, but it is possible to use hints. All in all, Azada is a wonderful game for those who enjoy variety, since every level presents something new.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Challenging
  • Great variety of puzzles
  • Great graphics and music
  • Catchy story
  • Offers replayability


  • None
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